Pastured Pork

Nose-to-NoseOur pastured pork is fed a little grain each day so we we can check each of our piggies each day.  We can pet our pigs and we keep them friendly, we regularly check them for health and for body condition.  If one of our pigs does not show up for feed, we will search for her (as we did today).

Today’s story has a happy ending – Dotty did not come in for feed because she had piglets last night – right out there in the pasture.  Five happy, wiggly piglets.  (There are some draw backs to pasturing pigs and one of those draw backs is that we don’t always know when the sows were bred!).

We are (always) taking pre-orders for our Pastured Pork.  You can buy a half or a whole pig for $2.75 hang weight.  If your pig weighs in at 250#, it will hang at about 180# which will provide about 144# of retail cuts.  Additionally, you will pay the butcher fees which includes the kill fee and whatever “extras” you want – seasoned sausage, linked sausage, bacon, hams, etc.  It is likely that your butcher bill will be about $1/#.  Your end cost will be about $5/# and will include (based on what you order from the butcher) pork loin, pork chops, hams, bacon, sausage, ribs, etc.