Pastured Chicken

Most people don’t know what happens to a chicken in a factory.  When you hear “factory food” and you think bad thoughts . . . but do you know why?  I won’t go into details (just in case you have weak stomach) but at the end of the process, each chicken must be “cleaned” in bleach water.  Three times.  Oh, you buy organic?  Guess what – if that chicken was processed in a factory, it was likely dipped in bleach too.  Was it worth the extra money?

We provide fresh grass and non-GMO feed for our birds.  A huge value adding feature is that we hand-process our chicken (more on that below).  All of our animals get non-medicated feed.  Additionally, our animals are all antibiotic free.

Chicks - 4 weeks
Pastured Chickens. 4 Weeks old.

We provide fresh grass for our birds each day and a lovely change of scenery.  Our birds also get lots of space (because crowded living conditions breed sickness and disease).  Occasionally a chicken does get a name, but we’ve been doing this so long that most of the meat birds are named “Cluck Cluck” (things like this happen when children help on the farm).

When the Butchering Day arrives, we process the chickens ourselves.  A kosher, on-site kill is the most stress-free way to butcher the birds.  Betsy bleeds them out, Zeke runs the plucker (see below) and Mike gets them ready for selling by doing the really gross stuff – like carefully extracting the innards.  That’s the part that machines in a factory can really mess up.  Fortunately, Mike is meticulous about not letting poop and stomach acid on his food (or yours!).  You can thank him later.  🙂

SALES:  We sells our non-GMO birds for $3.00/pound.  Our birds average 5 – 8 pounds.

Our first batch of chicken for 2020 will be available on Sunday May 3rd. The second batch is scheduled for late May and the third batch is scheduled for mid-June. Contact Betsy to place a pre-order