Meet the Mamas


Meet Gretel.

We purchased Gretel from Cragislist when she was two years old.  Purchasing an unbred, unproven animal is a gamble – but sometimes you have a “good feeling.”  We had a “good feeling” about her, and we were right.  Using artificial insemination, Gretel farrowed two litters of healthy piglets. She has a daughter and a grand-daughter in our current breeding stock.


Meet Dotty.

Dotty was born on our farm (from Gretel).  She enjoys long naps in the sunshine and she enjoys snuffling around the apple trees. She is a kind mama and doesn’t mind when the humans walk into her stall to check her piggies.  When she is let out of the farrowing pen (when the piglets are 8 weeks old) she stays with her little brood.  It is not uncommon to see Dotty walking through the trees and see all of her little piggies trotting along after her.


Meet Mavis.

Mavis is sweet little girl.  She was one when she had her first litter of piglets.  Mavis can often be found in the cow pasture with her seven little piggies spread out around her.  We weren’t sure we were going to keep Mavis as a breeder in our regular rotation, but she has proven herself to be a pig we want to keep.


Meet Rosie.

Oh Rosie – you naughty little pig!  Rosie was purchased because she was a cute and pink.  We didn’t have to pay much for her because she was a runt.  Normally farmers don’t breed runts (because we want big pigs with lots of meat on them).  But naughty Rosie got through the fence and ended up getting bred.  Rosie was friendly – up until she had her babies!  She has been aggressively protective of her piglets.  Those first eight weeks in the farrowing stall are tough.  Only Mike is brave enough to enter to check on her piglets.  After releasing Rosie and crew into the “Biglets’ Pasture” Rosie reverts back to her far-less-threatening self.  Rosie likes to burrow in loose hay.