Meat Share Program

Let me guess:  you want flavorful pastured pork, but you don’t have the freezer space.  That’s okay – lots of people tell me that.  And no problem:  We are here to help you out! 

Introducing our Meat Share Program!  You can purchase a whole hog – no chemicials, no hormones, all pasture raised and we will deliver it to you over six months!  Really – you will get about 20 pounds of pork each month, and I bet you can fit that in your freezer!

  • 6# Sausage (every month)
  • 2# Bacon (every month)
  • 6# Chops or Steaks (every month)
  • Shoulder Roast (two months)
  • Loin Roast (two months)
  • Ribs (one month)
  • Half-Ham, Smoked (one month)

Now, let’s talk about dollars.  When you buy individual cuts if pork from us, you pay about $8/lb.  That 20 pounds of pork could run you $160 each month – but it won’t.  If you buy into the Meat Share Program, it will cost $125/month (delivery included).  That’s just over $6/lb.

We ask for $250 payment up front. Then pay $100 for the first 5 months. No charge for the sixth month. Bacon – every month for six months. Yummm!