Grass Fed Beef

We primarily raise gentle Hereford beef. Our big purchase of 2019 was Ferdinand the Bull. We are hoping that Ferdy will eliminate the need for AI on our farm.

Our beefers roam their pastures in family groups. Calves can nurse as long as their mama allows (we do not intervene). The get all the fresh grass they can handle. In the winter their feed is supplemented by hay. One of our 2020 goals is to grow at least 80% of our own hay. Additionally, we feed spent brewer’s grain to our beef herd each day. It’s not a lot of a grain, but they love it enough that they all come in to get a nibble. By feeding them grain each day we can do a visual inspection of health and condition on the animals.

We are (always) taking pre-orders for our Grass Fed Beef.  You can buy a quarter (half-of-a-half) for $3.50 hang weight.  If your whole beef has a hang weight of 600# (150# per quarter), it will bring home about 360# (90# per quarter).  Additionally, you will pay the butcher fees which includes the kill fee and whatever “extras” you want (like patties or shaved steak).

Quarter Beef – $150 deposit

Half-of-a-half grass fed beef. Customer determines cut sheet (assistance is available). Customer pay Cherry Grove Farm for the animal; customer pays for butcher processing and fees.