Farm Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs come from Sassy Chickens

This is our Rooster.  His job is to protect and grow his flock.  As far as roosters go, he’s a sweetheart.  When we enter the Squwakery, he shuffles the ladies away from the door.  If the human feet get too close to his flock, he comes over and pecks at our boots reminding us “Hey, I’m watching these girls.”

Our laying flock is primarily made up of Speckled Sussex (including the rooster) and Buff Orpingtons.  Additionally we have some random Silkies and mystery birds (they were given to us by the neighbors).  Our ladies lay about two dozen eggs each day.  When they go broody, we let them set on their eggs.  Our ladies have successfully hatched chicks for the last two years.

Farm Fresh Eggs:  $4.00 per dozen.