Favorite Things

Some of our Favorite Things (in no particular order):


It seems to me that Best Buy has the lowest prices on chest freezers. This link should lead you to Best Buy. I searched “Chest Freezer” and sort


Plant Therapy’s KidSafe Essential Oils

Our family uses these frequently to combat itchy bug bites, bad dreams, insomnia due to over-active mind, to increase concentration when doing work, to purify the air and to fight germs and sickness.  We use Plant Therapy for a number of reason:  They have a KidSafe line, they score high in double-blind testing and customers have free access to certified aromatherapist who are happy to help.  And free shipping, that’s always a good thing.

Instant Ink

This program automatically ships replacement ink cartridges when needed.  It used to be that I would print everything in “black and white” or “greyscale” to save money on ink.  Then, on the rare occasion that I wanted to use color ink, the color cartridge was full, but dried out.  Here I was trying to save money by not using color ink, and I ended up wasting it.  Not with Instant Ink!  No more wasted ink; no more wasted money.  There a few different program levels you can choose from based on how many pages you print each month.  If you sign up with the above link, you get a free month (and so do I).


Fire Hose Work Pant from Duluth Trading (don’t forget the Ultimate Knee Pads!)

Betsy wears these tough work pants daily.  She’s been wearing them for 5 months.  She’s impressed that there are no snags, tears or worn area.  She often forgets to take out the knee pads before going out in public . . .  Go ahead and giggle (she does too).

KG Boot Guard

Mike uses this sturdy, gritty paint on toe-protection on all his work boots.  He used to have toe caps (hard rubber covers) but they were forever coming loose.  He found KG Boot Guard about 10 years ago and has never looked back.