Blooms and farm animals
Springtime on the Farm

Here at Cherry Grove, we do things a little differently.  We are bridging the gap between expensive organic and cheap factory food.

Now, don’t misunderstand:  organic is great, for some things.  Strawberries?  Organic all the way.  Chicken?  Um, no thanks.  Interested in learning why?

Most people don’t know what happens to their food when it gets processed in a factory.  I won’t get into details, but let me tell you this:  once we began learning about how factories raise and process our food, we started doing it ourselves.

And organic?  I don’t know, some people are really into organic everything.  Me?  I just can’t spend that much on feeding my family.  We try to keep our meat affordable for families.  If we gave our animals organic feed it would more than double the cost of the end product.  Our end result is meat that is close to organic and is affordable for the average family.

Please contact us for more information.  We’d be happy to tell you more about why we do what we do.